Running a logistics company can be overwhelming if you are not good at managing your people and subsequently teaching them to manage themselves in those underneath them. As a good leader you need to be able to delegate tasks where appropriate to members of your staff. Consider that time is money especially word logistics is concerned and in that situation, a good leader is able to recognize situations where someone in their company might be able to do a task  almost as well as the leader themselves. If someone can do a task and produce something that is 80% or better as good as what you would produce as the leader, you can delegate to them.

But a big part of delegating and making sure that every step in the logistics chain is working and that every employee is pulling their weight is to communicate well and be a good leader. Good leadership involves many leadership skills. The qualities of a good leader are not just limited to these five components. Leadership traits combined with leadership ability will provide managers or team leaders with the leadership strengths and leadership attributes they truly need in order to achieve the highest level of effectiveness in whatever they are doing. To that end strong leadership skills will enhance leadership effectiveness not just in terms of overall management of a team but with regard to day-to-day activities, short-term projects, and long-term company goals.

So, how can you be a good leader and reduce employee errors in the logistics chain?

  • Be very clear about the directions you give for each staff member

  • Motivate your team to perform better whenever and wherever possible so that they can not only meet deadlines but exceed them

  • Remain consistent in all aspects of running the business

  • Listen effectively and take into consideration feedback that employees might have as to how you can improve certain parts of your logistics chain. The people on the ground are the ones who might have the best possible solutions for you and help you improve your turnover, decrease issues like clerical errors or access freight blocking up your warehouse

Set Clear Directions

Be sure to set clear directions, specific actionable steps, and reinforce the strategy for your team member through good communication. Without proper communication you won’t be able to motivate your employees to stay on task and complete company goals.

Motivate employees, achieved with positivity. When you communicate positively it is a much more effective motivator. Team members who are doing something wrong can still be told where they can make a difference.

Providing Consistency

What makes a great leader effective is the ability to provide consistency. This is a leadership quality that is often overlooked in our busy schedules and workplace environment of instant gratification.

Consistency should relate to all things. Many of the motivational aspects of communication mentioned above require consistency. Having one-on-one meetings should be done consistently that way employees can rely upon the regularity of the meetings and they know that if something is wrong you will point it out before it gets too far. They will also know that if they have an issue it can be brought to you in a timely fashion.

Having office hours consistently will establish trust and open communication as a leader. Being consistent about sharing changes to company policy as soon as they happen or updating team members about pending projects will establish trust, improve communication, and increase morale and productivity as a result.

Listening Effectively

Effective leaders don’t just listen. An effective leader listens to their teams beyond just the words that they are saying. They look at who is saying those words, and what is behind the words being said. Effectively this involves a great deal of emotional intelligence and it builds upon the information gathered during those one-on-one meetings. All of these skills are interconnected but listening effectively is a skill that can be applied to meetings, a skill that can be enhanced because of those meetings, and a skill that can be used to provide better motivation and to perhaps better understand supporting communication features like body language.

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