Getting ready to move out of town is definitely a reason to stir up some strong feelings in people, ranging from a mix of anxiety, fear, curiosity, eagerness to start a new life or business in a new location and the list could go on for a while. However, planning the logistics of an overseas move is likely going to multiply some of these concerns and emotions. Besides the stress of having to figure out when is the best time to plan your move, you will need to figure out which items to keep, what to sell and donate, how to have everything packed and whether to opt for traditional cargo movers on four wheels, ship your items or use a flight. What about the visa and taxes issues?

We know just how stressful and expensive it can be to move to a different country and we are here to walk through all the details.

Tip #1: Take Your Time When Researching Your Options

Start well ahead of time and make sure not to leave everything down to the very last minute. An international move is already stressful enough, so make sure not to add to it. The sooner you can figure out all the aspects of your move, the more you will thank yourself at the end of the relocation.

Set up the exact date for when you are planning on having your items shipped and avoid having to pay an astronomical price for a plane ticket (and all your luggage). Running late with the planning will also increase the risk of you arriving at your destination a few weeks before your cargo. Here is what you can do to avoid the extra hassle:

  • get in touch with a few shipping companies and get their quotes; do it at least three months prior to the date of the big move so you can compare and contrast rates and services, run background checks and read customer reviews. You could end up saving up to 16 times the prices of having your cargo transported by plane.
  • Of course, if you consider yourself environmentally-conscious or you are planning on being more careful with your waste and carbon footprint, you should know that having your cargo be transported by plane is more harmful to the environment compared to the overseas alternative. How much more harmful? A brief look at the numbers will tell you that transporting your freight by plane will trigger more than 6,500 kg of carbon dioxide on a 5,000kmm distance, whereas using a sea freight shipment will only pollute the planet with around 150kg of carbon dioxide. It’s definitely worth a thought!

Tip #2: Choose The Most Advantageous Shipping Pricesshipping overseas

Just like you would compare several real money casinos and their welcome bonuses before joining a new casino online, you should take your time and get acquainted with the price range, special offers and discounts offered by several shipping companies. Ask for several different quotes for the same services as moving overseas can get quite pricey. Pay attention to the quotes you receive and make sure to get their full breakdown. Whether you are interested in the whole nine yards or just professional packing services, you need them to pack and unpack all your items or you need the best insurance coverage and doorstep deliveries,

However, make sure you ask for a full breakdown of each quote, so you know exactly what you’re being offered. Shipping companies can offer a range of services, including professional packing/unpacking, insurance coverage or doorstep deliveries, to name just a few of the most popular solutions. Figure out exactly what you need help with and make your pick.

Tip #3: Know Your Options: FCL VS LCL

Without a doubt, shipping your cargo overseas will force you to get quickly acquainted with quite a few acronyms. Just remember that FCL stands for “Full Container Load”, while LCL means “Less Than Container Load”. A full container load means you can expect to pay a flat rate for using an entire container of either 20 or 40 feet. On the other hand, LCL means you should get ready to share a container with others when transporting your goods to a different country. Get a few different price estimates for both LCL and FCL from different movers and do not hesitate to select LCL if your budget is more limited. Your items should safely reach their destination on time and with zero hassle.