3 Simple And Effective Shipping Tips For The After-Sale Process

The way you can manage shipping phases, fulfillment, returns, and replacement of the goods sold makes all the difference in how your business can beat the competitors. If you have a small business and you are operating on an online platform for commerce, such as eBay or any other similar platforms, your first concern is to attract more customers to your products.

The Most Important Goals Of Small Businesses

How can you do that? It’s an important and difficult goal, we know, but you can reach it anyway. The first thing that you have to accept is that you aren’t the only one on that e-commerce platform. There are dozens or even hundreds of other businesses in the same field as you.

Another thing that you have to take into account is that consumers tend to demand products faster and faster. The average consumers’ expectation about times of shipping is going to grow. If once one-week long shipping was considered fine, today consumers don’t want to wait longer than one day to get the products that they’ve bought online. As you can see, people demand for shorter times and this fact might represent an extra difficulty for many startups and small businesses.

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Rapidity is a key in today’s world – we can’t deny this truth. Just take a look around yourself and you’ll see people who can’t wait more than ten minutes to get a reply from the people they are sending messages to, you’ll also see people who play video games and live online casino games in real-time, you’ll see people looking for the quickest track to get to a destination… in a nutshell, either you are a fervent slot player on a high-class online casino like Thai Casino Center or you are posting comments on Twitter, you don’t want to waste a second of your time. You demand faster services.

The after-sale process of all businesses that are working in the commercial field works just like that. Consumers demand faster shipping times because they don’t want to waste too much time waiting for the goods they’ve bought especially since they might have to return the goods and have to wait more time to get a new item in replacement of the previous one.

Get These Shipping Tips To Improve Your Service

It’s time for you to make a research and see what you can do to improve your shipping times and offer your customers a faster service. Consider that customers place a big value on this aspect of your business. We’ve prepared a list of practical and effective tips on how to fasten your shipping and have 5-star feedbacks from your next customers.

  1. Find the best carriershipping service
    There are plenty of carriers out there and they usually offer a variety of services based on several factors, so you won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution. If you want to pick the right carrier, you have to understand the type of products that you sell and the best way to handle them. Analyze your range of products as to dimension, weight, distance (are your average customers based abroad or in your country?), volume, type of products (for example, food and beverages require faster shipping times than clothing or electronic devices).
  2. Negotiate high-volume rates
    If you send a large volume of items every day or so, you can negotiate the shipping service rate with your carrier. Establishing a relationship with a carrier means to get benefits that help you save money, like shipping discounts. On this point, many sellers use multiple carriers so they can match the best service for every product. This is also a good option to consider to save on packaging costs, insurance costs, and additional shipping fees.
  3. Update your return policy
    Most customers give much importance to the seller’s return policy. It doesn’t mean that they already know if they will have to return the goods, but knowing that a seller is available to offer a free return service makes things much easier for them. When you buy online, you can’t hold the item physically or inspect it, there’s always a margin of risk to make a wrong purchase. So, update your return policy and make sure it’s customer-focused, it will increase your sales opportunities.

Finally, take care of making excellent packaging for each item that you sell. Use paper boxes with your brand name and logo, wrap the items abundantly and insert paper or other materials to protect them from bumps especially if it’s for international or long-distance shipping.